Saturday, January 10, 2009

Make-up and Scarves...

These are things I'm supposed to wear. My little sisters, though?? It's apparent Sarah and Kacie are not so much "little" sisters at all anymore...grown up, they are (although I believe the make-up may have been a sly little addition after we left the supervision of must have been related to the fact that we were hanging out in Oxford, MS....home of the Ole Miss Rebels...perhaps they felt the need to cling tight to the legacy with some rebellious behavior)! :) Anyway, fun was had on this day. And now, on any other day, you can find me missing these little ladies very much... :)

...dreaming of trips to visit their sister in California :)


  1. Your sisters are so cute! Great portraits. Next time you're in town, you need to give me a quick tutorial on how to use all the features of my camera and school me on how to take great photos. Miss ya, lady ;)

  2. These are fantastic! They will cherish these photos forever! :o)


  3. You have one good looking family! And lots of girls, huh!! Great photos.