Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Beavers, Goats, and Guard Dogs

Just another 'ol day in Mississippi!! And this, my friends, is why I love the South!! ha! Where else could you wake up for an early morning drive and find a beaver, billy goats, a pack of wild dogs, and two Baptist churches....all within a vicinity of 2 miles, and over a 30 minute span of time? This was certainly an adventurous morning. A beaver crossing the road?! Perhaps they have a shortage of chickens in Batesville. I don't know. What I do know is that I ordered an immediate U-turn and then jumped out of the car to catch a few shots of my little friend. He was actually very cute. A little further down the road we passed a home that had a few hundred billy goats for pets. However, I'm not sure that the goats provide quite the protection that their neighbor's pets do. By pets, I do mean wild guard dogs who apparently have no tolerance for visitors. I realize that some people have the land to provide a good home to 6+ dogs. What I didn't realize was that these dogs don't like cameras...and if you roll your window down to take a picture of these "pets" they will go straight through your window and for your face. "MY WINDOW'S DOOOOOWWNNN!!!!!!" This is something like what I screamed upon attack. ha ha. It provided a good laugh...but only after we succesfully drove away before anything too serious occured.

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  1. Nothing like time spent out in the country in the middle of nowhere! Great pics Em!