Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Butterflies and Roses

I'm convinced it was a real life fairytale. And Easton had the cape to prove it. Straight off a fresh Christmas high, he lead us through the woods on the tailwinds of that magic cape. Over and under tree logs, jumping here and there, pausing every once in a while--allowing us assured glimpses of hope in revealing that mighty letter "E" that dressed the back of his cape. If I'm going to be honest, I must tell you that I secretly pictured having my own magic "E" cape. ha. Hey...if the cape fits.... :)

Not too far behind "Super Easton" were his two princess-like older sisters, who are most certainly bound for their own Prince Charming one day with personalities, hearts, and looks like theirs!! However, their dad was not too far behind them that day, and he probably won't be when the boys start coming around, either! :) The light gleamed in the eyes of The Rose Family as we approached the land they had set out for. I had never before seen anything like it. To say there were butterflies is an understatement. This was a land that the butterflies owned (at least for the time being), and their fluttering wings faintly brushed together as if to greet us in the most peaceful and appreciative way. Some of the Monarchs danced around us. Others chose to remain in their formed camouflaged bundles which hung like leaves in the surrounding trees. It was a moment of wonder and peace--and the certainty of majestic design. I found myself, once again, humbled in the midst of it all.

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