Friday, January 30, 2009


I've recently had the opportunity to tag along with some extremely talented photographers, ones I would consider to be among the best. I'm constantly amazed at the selfless people in this industry--and their willingness to encourage and support others who are pursuing their dreams in photography. They are inspiring mentors...and even better friends. Do yourself a favor and check out the lovely Amy Nave and Mary Jane when you have some spare time. You will be glad you did. I love you both....know that you will forever have my endless "thank you"s!! (These ladies are top all kinds of ways)

A few weeks ago Janey (Mary Jane) asked me if I'd be interested in riding down to Ventura with her for a childrens photo shoot. Hhmmm....let me ocean side drive, Janey's company, photography....this is a tough one....uhhhh....I believe I will. ha ha. As usual, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Here are a few of the pictures I captured that day. The kids were more than adorable, and you can be sure that I'm officially having niece and nephew withdrawal.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Closets and Camera Bags

One of my favorite things to do as a child was rummage through our home closets. It managed to entertain me for hours on end. I would sit directly in front of a closet and just empty out it's belongings--admiring each piece on it's way out, and then admiring it once again on it's way back in. It's kind of funny because nothing about the closet ever seemed to change from one visit to the next, yet I continually returned. I think that is partly why I loved it so much--the fact that I could always count on finding the same familiar and comforting things.

In one particular closet was my Dad's camera bag. I loved that camera bag. It was filled with all sorts of things I knew nothing about, but I loved them just the same. I enjoyed holding the camera, messing around with all its movable parts, and putting the camera strap around my neck. I especially loved the camera strap. A funky design of yellow and black--(kind of a wild camera strap for a Baptist preacher, if you ask me!!)

Years later, on a vacation to Yellowstone National Park, my Dad let me wear that camera strap. He taught me how to use all of those movable parts, and I realized an even greater enjoyment in holding that camera. I think that is where my love for photography first began. I will forever thank him for sharing his love of photography with me--and I thank him for continuing to share with me in it today. Just this last year we took a road trip to yet another National Park, enjoying a little photographic journey through Yosemite. Today being his birthday, I thought a few of the pictures from our trip would be a sweet present to share with him and all of you...

Happy Birthday, Dad!! I love you, and appreciate you for so much more than photography...

Monday, January 19, 2009

"The Things We've Handed Down...."

I'm a lyrics girl...and the words of this particular song, written and gracefully shared by the lovely Marc Cohn, are ones that strike the chords of my heart in all kinds of ways. It's the story of generations, and generations yet to come--touching on the hard and sweet facts of the relationships we form throughout these generations. It is written from the perspective of the elder generation, from the heart of one with a more advanced time at life, and probably with good reason. I'd like to think it's because there is more experience, more wisdom, and a bit more grace to be shared by them as a result of this advanced time. And that is why, as long as I am able, I will never stop probing into the memories of my grandparents. There will always be a young girl inside of me itching to hear stories of when they were small, when my parents were small, when I was small. I will forever cherish the hours spent in their living rooms just listening to them talk, and for a moment drifting back to those places with them.

Some of my favorite words of the song....

And these things that we have given you
They are not so easily found
But you can thank us later
For the things we've handed down

I'm blessed to still have a few grandparents around who continue handing things down. As well as two sets of "acquired" grandparents (thank you, step-parents!) whom I love and respect as much as my own. I don't think I will wait and thank them later....I will thank them today. For their words of advice, for the sharing of their faith, for their encouragement, for the love and the laughter they constantly ignite.

A few of these cherished people recently let me take some snapshots of them! :)

Papa Crawford


Pop-Pop Kiss....

(who was having some camera fun of his own!)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Butterflies and Roses

I'm convinced it was a real life fairytale. And Easton had the cape to prove it. Straight off a fresh Christmas high, he lead us through the woods on the tailwinds of that magic cape. Over and under tree logs, jumping here and there, pausing every once in a while--allowing us assured glimpses of hope in revealing that mighty letter "E" that dressed the back of his cape. If I'm going to be honest, I must tell you that I secretly pictured having my own magic "E" cape. ha. Hey...if the cape fits.... :)

Not too far behind "Super Easton" were his two princess-like older sisters, who are most certainly bound for their own Prince Charming one day with personalities, hearts, and looks like theirs!! However, their dad was not too far behind them that day, and he probably won't be when the boys start coming around, either! :) The light gleamed in the eyes of The Rose Family as we approached the land they had set out for. I had never before seen anything like it. To say there were butterflies is an understatement. This was a land that the butterflies owned (at least for the time being), and their fluttering wings faintly brushed together as if to greet us in the most peaceful and appreciative way. Some of the Monarchs danced around us. Others chose to remain in their formed camouflaged bundles which hung like leaves in the surrounding trees. It was a moment of wonder and peace--and the certainty of majestic design. I found myself, once again, humbled in the midst of it all.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Make-up and Scarves...

These are things I'm supposed to wear. My little sisters, though?? It's apparent Sarah and Kacie are not so much "little" sisters at all anymore...grown up, they are (although I believe the make-up may have been a sly little addition after we left the supervision of must have been related to the fact that we were hanging out in Oxford, MS....home of the Ole Miss Rebels...perhaps they felt the need to cling tight to the legacy with some rebellious behavior)! :) Anyway, fun was had on this day. And now, on any other day, you can find me missing these little ladies very much... :)

...dreaming of trips to visit their sister in California :)