Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Taking Notes....

The first song I ever wrote ends with the lyrics, "So I'll pack my songs and my favorite ring--'cause it's about dreams and the little things". I had no idea (at that point in my life) that I would actually pack up one day and chase after a dream. It's been 2 years since I made the decision to do just that, and what I have found in this little town of Santa Barbara is nothing little at all. It's something that expands way beyond dreams, words, and guitar strings. I have been blessed with grace, opportunity, and friendships that often leave me in a state of wonder.

And just when my cup seems full, it overflows. I've met so many people since moving here who possess such genuine love and concern, friendship is nothing I've lacked. Wonderful friendship. I think what I love most about the people I've met is that they all make such an effort to spend quality time together. We invest in each other. And when we all get together the conversation, the laughs, the fun, the FOOD....it's endless. Fellowship. That is exactly what it is, and I am so thankful for each and every person that has put forth the effort to make these friendships what they are.

Just yesterday I had the most enjoyable day of friendship. A bunch of us gathered at DJ's house for our weekly viewing of Dancing with the Stars, and it quickly turned into a mini birthday celebration for our friend Jasmine. It's been so great getting to know Jasmine and her husband, JD. They possess character and warmth that is difficult to describe. Friendship just comes naturally to them. I've known them for just a short time, but that time has confirmed everything I've learned about them from ones who have known them long and well. It's the kind of friendship you want to take notes on, so that you do your friendships a little better. And last night was the kind of night you want to take notes on, so that you never forget just how blessed you are.

I like notes--both writing them and receiving them. And I figure if I like them so much then surely everyone else does, right?! So a while back I started personalizing stationary for friend's birthdays. I thought it was a neat gift that could ultimately be used to pass a little something sweet along to somebody else. Well yesterday, after catching a quick glimpse at the Jasmine guitar that first helped me write those words about dreams and things, I realized that while that guitar may not always hold the perfect notes for me--it sure held the perfect notes for a new and beautiful friend. :)

take note...



  1. LOVE IT! Emily! You are totally on to something there....I can't wait to see more:)

  2. Hey, your blog IS bigger!!! With big pretty pictures - yay!!! I'm so happy that we met and that we're friends!! :)