Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yo Amo Cayamo!

I'm home, safe and sound, and don't even know where to begin. So please be patient, as it will take me multiple entries to even come close to touching on the events of the past week. "YO AMO CAYAMO!" :) We were encouraged to shout this at any time we felt so inclined while on the Cayamo cruise. You can be sure I participated--and you can be sure I'm still walking around saying it.

I have lots to catch up on, so I'm going to keep this one short and sweet. BUT, I just have to say that I spent all of last week absorbing some of the best music I've heard in a while...and meeting some new people that I hope to remain in touch with. A few random and funny encounters? I met a man who used to work for my step-dad in Memphis, and also met the cousin of my old high school basketball coach. ha! You just never know who is beside you.

Cruising along....we began our vacation at the DoubleTree Hotel in Miami, the day before the ship departed. Beautiful weather allowed for us to lay out by the pool before enjoying the poolside kick-off concert. The view from our room wasn't too shabby...

The next morning, we loaded up on a shuttle and headed towards port, where we would happen upon The Norwegian Dawn--our home for the next 7 days. With a departing view of Miami, an over-sized chess game, and an afternoon concert on the deck...I happily called it so. MI CASA CAYAMO! :)


  1. Me without CAYAMO = SAD!!!!:)
    Your pictures make me wanna go back right now. Thanks for being the best traveling buddy ever:) The Cayamo cruise can be added to the list of one of the HIGHLIGHTS OF MY LIFE:)

    Yo amo cayamo!

  2. Looks incredible! I am so glad y'all had a great time! How was the music? Who was your favorite live performance? Did you get hit on by any ladies?

    Miss you girls like mad!