Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This Green Eyed Girl.....

....is hoping you are wearing your green!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day! I've always loved this day of the year. Maybe because my favorite color is green, maybe because I've had an ongoing love affair with Ireland ever since my visit there, or maybe because this particular day just seems to bring back numerous memories of comfort and awe.

My mom always downplays her creativity, but for as long as I can remember she has ignited my life with creative acts of love--and my first real memory of St.Patrick's Day is a direct result of that. I remember her helping us make homemade t-shirts to wear to school one St.Patty's Day in elementary (probably to help us avoid any unnecessary pinching that might transpire from lack of properly colored attire). Well, right when I finished adding the final touch of puffy paint to my 4-leaf clover, Taffy (my cat) jumped onto the t-shirt and left a paw mark right in the middle of the clover. We tried our best to fix the mess, but ironically enough there was no luck for THAT clover. So I did what any artist would do....wore it proudly and called it abstract art.

Since then I've had only wonderful memories of St. Patrick's Day....town outings in Syracuse, NY with some of my dearest friends....street parades in Dallas filled with friends, laughter, and fine music....annually held office crawfish boils....all of these leaving lasting memories on my heart, which revisit me with every green return.

And then there was Ireland. While my visit did not take place over St.Patrick's Day, the holiday fell shortly after my return. The smells, tastes, and wonders of that country will never leave me. In an effort to share some of that wonder with you, I've dug into my photographic archives and grabbed a few of my favorite images from that trip. Hope they add a bit 'o cheer to your day!!

Happy St.Patrick's Day...to my friends here AND across the pond!

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  1. Hi Emily, I think we met one morning at Starbucks, months ago, you delivered a wedding album to me that Amy designed. I was picking it up for my daughter, Jamie. I talked your ear off!! You were so sweet! I was looking at DJ's post and saw your link and thought I'd say HI. I loved the St. Patty's Day stories as a child. I remember doing all of that with my girls, green milk, green mashed potatoes, dying hair, making shirts (for every darn occasion). Anyways, HI! Hope all is well!!
    Feel free to check out what I've been up to: www.reneewhiting.com